Quick PAR-Q Template For Fitness Professionals

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A straight-forward, accurate PAR-Q Excel template to use with your personal training or fitness clients.

Looking for a straight-forward, accurate PAR-Q template to use with your personal training or fitness clients? Get your PAR-Q template download here.

What is a PAR-Q?

PAR-Q stands for “physical activity readiness questionnaire”. It’s a screening tool that all fitness professionals should use before they start working with a client. Getting a client to fill out a PAR-Q helps you assess the safety and potential risks before the client starts doing PT, classes or any kind of training with you.

PAR-Q forms were developed when fitness training became more mainstream, in an effort to standardise screening for all adult fitness clients. Later versions clarified the language to standardise things even further for the fitness and sports industries.

Do I need a PAR-Q for my fitness business?

Whilst a PAR-Q isn’t a legal requirement, it’s definitely advisable. Any good personal trainer, fitness trainer, yoga instructor or sports coach will get clients to fill out a PAR-Q before they start training. It protects you and the client, and gives you valuable information to help you programme and coach more effectively.

Is a PAR-Q the same as client medical history?

PAR-Q forms have 7 questions, but they are not the same as getting a full medical history from your client. A PAR-Q is designed to flag up any areas of concern. If the client answers “yes” to one or more questions on the PAR-Q, you should run through follow-up questions and ask them to consult their Doctor to get cleared for exercise.

Why do fitness professionals use a PAR-Q?

PAR-Q forms help both the client ad you as the fitness professional. The client will feel reassured that you have asked pertinent questions about their readiness to exercise. And you will have the basic information you need to start training them without worrying about their health.

What needs to be in a PAR-Q

PAR-Q questionnaires include questions around chest pain, joint problems, recent surgery, and pregnancy. Take a look at the PAR-Q template we’ve created and start using it in your fitness business.

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