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Is Striive for you?

Are you running popular dance classes,
but they are taking over your life?

Clients messaging you at all hours
Juggling multiple systems that don't link together
Stamping loyalty cards that clients keep forgetting
Constantly checking your bank for payments
That huge spreadsheet you use to track everything!
Looking for a better way? Read on…
Maybe you’ve just started out and don’t want to end up like this? 👆🏼
Alex5 star review
“Easy to use and does everything I need”
Alex · Boston
Stefan5 star review
“Keeps my focus on the essential things, my clients”
Stefan · Bern
Helen5 star review
“Striive was surprisingly easy to implement”
Helen · Hampshire

See improvement at every stage

Signing up clients
Managing clients
Selling packages
Teaching classes
Measuring success
1. New sign-ups

Start getting new clients instead of enquiries.

Email new clients a sign up invitation or add a sign up button to your website/socials.
All client details are safely stored in one place and available when you need them.
We'll capture all the information you need from each client for you 👇
Signing up new clients
Clients manage themselves
2. Herding clients

Stop managing clients.
Empower them instead.

Add a fully featured client area to your website in just a couple of minutes.
We’ll direct new clients to download the iPhone or Android app after they’ve signed up.
Customise the experience to match your own branding and colours.
Notice client milestones
The personal touch
Clients love it when you notice things like their birthdays and class milestones.
3. Selling services

Earn money while you break in your pointe shoes.

Create passes for different class combinations with attendance limits and expiry rules.
Clients purchase passes from your online store at a time convenient to them.
Offer membership options to improve client retention and generate regular predictable income.
All payments received are instantly tracked into your financial reports.
Creating class passes
Do you also teach private sessions? Amazing so do we.
See how managing both is Striive’s superpower!
Class enrolments
4. Delivering classes

Put all your focus on running great classes.

Clients browse your upcoming classes in the app and enrol themselves.
We enforce a cancellation policy for you, reducing annoying last minute cancellations.
See who is attending before each class starts.
No paperwork to do or questions to ask on the day. Classes start on time, every time.
In-person classesRemote classes
Deliver classes in person and remotely?
We’ve got you covered.
Do you manage a team of trainers? No problem.
You can manage your entire team with Striive.
5. Measuring success

See your activity now.
Report on it later.

See when clients sign up, purchase packages, enrol onto classes, and much more.
A central place to log records of all your allowable business expenses.
Perfectly accurate profit and loss reports ready for your tax return.
Receive an easily digestible snapshot of how your business is performing each month.
Activity feeds and reports
Sucker Punch Kickboxing
The support service is literally the best I have ever had from any company. I would recommend on the customer service alone.
Tim W.
Tim W.
Sucker Punch Kickboxing, UK

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