Template Form For Capturing New Client Information

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Capture all the important information you need during your first client meeting.

Looking for a simple 'all bases covered' client information form to use with your new fitness clients?

Having a consistent format to follow when onboarding new clients will help to ensure nothing gets forgotten. It appears far more professional to have a well polished first encounter with a client, instead of needing to send follow up messages asking for the things you forgot. To help you kick things off we produced this simple one-page form that covers all the essentials.

What's covered by our template?

  • Name, email, contact number
  • Emergency contact information
  • PAR-Q completion status
  • Agreement/contract signed status
  • Consultation notes
  • Service awareness:
    • Package and offer availability
    • Book process
    • Payment process
  • Marketing
    • Contact preference
    • Introduced via

Limitations of using a template

Using a template is great to get your business up and running. However the downside is it relies on you manually sending or handing out the forms and then safely storing the returned copies for future reference. When your client count increases and your days become busier you will probably want to switch to a more robust solution such as an online CRM or a dedicated fitness business platform such as Striive.

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Automate your client onboarding with Striive

Did you know that Striive can manage al your sign-ups for you? There is a comprehensive online process built in that captures all the information you need from new clients for you to review:

  • Personal information and contact details
  • Details of a nominated emergency contact
  • Digital (online) PAR-Q form
  • Digital (online) agreement/contract signing
  • Motivations or goals for signing up

You can link this to your website or social profiles with ease, or send out private invitations on demand. Say goodbye to manually processing and storing forms. With your client data captured and stored in your Striive account it's always just a click away.

Our software is designed to help you grow and run your fitness and wellbeing business, and we regularly release updates to offer more as the fitness industry changes.

The best part is Striive offers all new fit pros a free 14-day trial (no card required). This allows you to explore all our features and see how we can transform your business operations.

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