Template For A Monthly Session Clients Email Newsletter

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Keep in regular touch with your session clients by following this simple and repeatable format.

Sending out the occasional newsletter to your clients is an easy and low cost way to strengthen those relationships. Not only is it a good way to keep your regulars informed, but it's also a great way to keep you in the minds of clients who are less committed and may have drifted away.

There are no rules dictating what you should and shouldn't include in a newsletter. Our template covers ideas from service update and special offers, to championing your star clients and introducing educational elements. If you apply a consistent structure to every edition you can speed up their creation whilst being sure to hit the right note each time.

Included in our template


  • Promote any new or time limited offers
  • Announce any new equipment
  • Make clients aware of and CPD you have been working on


  • Highlight any add-on services you offer that people may not be aware of (ie Classes)
  • Explain your ongoing offers/packages
  • Encourage attendance by promoting any high value packages you have available
  • Drop in studies/articles/statistics that support the benefits of attending sessions with you


  • Share the details of any upcoming social or community events
  • Highlight and celebrate key client milestones or achievements


  • Notify clients of price increases or changes in availability
  • Remind clients about lost property
  • Provide friendly reminders about your policies to address any client friction

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