Excel Template For Tracking Monthly Class Performance

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Get a clear picture of how your class based business is performing throughout the year.

Would you like a simple template to help you track your performance as a class provider? If so then you've found it!

Our template will help you monitor the progress of your class business throughout a full calendar year. By tracking this information you will be able to see how your business is changing and what aspects require any special attention. Doing this will not only keep you focussing on the correct things, but can also be a massive source of motivation throughout the year.

What's included in our template?

Our template covers a full year helping you to track the following each month:

  • Number of new clients
  • Total number of active clients
  • Total class/package sales for the month
  • Total payments received for the month
  • Total expenses/costs for the month
  • Total number of classes delivered

Limitations of using a template

A template like ours is fine when the number of clients and transactions you have is reasonably low. But as your business grows a time will come when the effort required to generate these numbers manually is too much.

You may also be using our sister template to track your session performance.

At this point you should consider switching to a platform like Striive that calculates summaries for you. The time you save will be worth 10x the cost of the platform.

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