Excel Template For Tracking Fitness Client Membership Renewals

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Track fitness client memberships, get ahead of renewals, and boost retention with this Excel template.

Track fitness client membership, get ahead of renewals, and boost retention with this free download template.

When you run a fitness training business, getting clients is just half of the battle. You’re also constantly thinking about how to retain them. And if you don’t know exactly when their current membership is up for renewal, they can slip through the net.

Why should you track fitness client membership renewal dates?

You can’t rely on clients to keep renewing their membership without a bit of encouragement. Even the most enthusiastic, “I’d train every day if I could” people can cancel. It’s really important to have a system that tracks client membership renewal dates so you can stay one step ahead.

Tracking client membership renewals won’t prevent 100% of leavers, but it will increase your retention rate. Once you know exactly when each client is due to renew, you can arrange a chat or start sending emails to keep them engaged.

Do they feel they are making progress? Are they happy at your facility? Is money a concern? Are they getting what they want out of their membership?

This is good practice even for those who aren’t at risk of leaving – engaging with your members gives you the opportunity to improve your offer for everyone.

Spreadsheets to track fitness client membership renewals

If you’re not already tracking your clients’ renewal dates, start today with this simple spreadsheet. It’s free to download and easy to use.

We’ve included more than 7 data points to help you track dates, membership types, and income at a glance.

Download our ready-made template here and start using it to track client membership renewals in your PT business, studio, gym or fitness facility.

How to use this client membership renewal spreadsheet

Once you’ve opened our free template, you’ll see lots of useful data points relating to fitness client membership renewals.

You can add the date they joined or subscribed, which plan they’re on, and when they renew. You can note how much they pay, and how many people are on each of your plans or memberships. You’ll also be able to see your current total income from various membership types.

This spreadsheet will help you stay ahead of renewals, troubleshoot issues, reduce cancellations, and see which of your services are most popular.

Try it for yourself here.

Three reasons to systemise tracking client membership renewals

  1. Give yourself a buffer so you can forecast changes in numbers and income
  2. Build in time to reach out to clients before they are due to renew
  3. Increase retention rates and member satisfaction so you need fewer cold sales

Limitations of using a template

Using a spreadsheet is better than not tracking membership renewals at all (we’ve even heard of one gym that still tracks renewals using a whiteboard and marker pen).

But there’s actually a better way.

Using a purpose-made software platform will not just help you track renewals, it will automate everything from payments to emails and messaging, as well as all client activity across PT, classes, and packages.

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