Excel Template For Tracking Client Sessions/Packs

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Keep on top of session pack activity, including remaining time and payments with this Excel template.

Easily track all client activity across session packs, including sessions remaining, expiry date, payments, and pack value.

How many different session pack options do you offer clients? And how many sessions are in each one? However you choose to organise class pack offers, it’s crucial that you stay on top of it all the dates, finances, and renewals. Forget messy spreadsheets or pen-and-paper tracking. We’ve designed this Excel spreadsheet that tracks all the important metrics.

Why should you track your client’s session pack use?

You can’t expect clients to be responsible for tracking how many sessions they’ve done or when they next owe you money. They should be focusing on their training.

As a fitness business owner, you need to stay on top of which pack option a client is on, and how many sessions they’ve used. Not only that, you need to know when their last session will be so you can have a timely conversation about renewing.

Tracking client session pack use is definitely a challenge, but it’s a crucial aspect of your business admin. If you take your eye off the ball, you risk losing three of the most important things in business - clients, profits, or time.

Spreadsheets to track fitness PT client session pack usage

If you’re still using a DIY method to track all of your client session packs, we’ve got something for you! This easy-to-use spreadsheet does everything you need – and it’s free.

We’ve included 10 data points to help you stay one step ahead of what’s happening with individual clients on session packs.

There’s even a bonus section to show how much your active session pack offers are worth to your business.

Download our template here and start using it to track sessions, expiry dates, and earnings across your entire session pack offers.

How to use this session pack tracker spreadsheet

Once you’ve downloaded our free template, feel free to rename it – it’s yours now to use as you wish.

You’ll see 10 important data points designed to help you manage class pack usage. We’ve made it easy for you to add client name, pack name, total sessions, sessions used and remaining, purchase and expiry date, pack price, amount paid, and amount outstanding.

At the top of the sheet there’s a section to track how much each pack option is worth to your business at any one time. All the formulas are already there. You just need to add the data.

This spreadsheet will help you track how many sessions each client has used, how many they have left, how much they’ve paid you, and what each session pack type is worth to your business.

Try it for yourself here.

5 reasons to organise your client session pack usage

  1. See at a glance how many sessions a client has left in their pack
  2. Prep and plan for conversations around renewals or next steps
  3. Get an overview of which of your packs are most and least popular
  4. Track how much money each pack option makes for your business
  5. Never lose track of outstanding payments owed by session pack clients

Limitations of using a template

A homemade spreadsheet is a good way to track all the information about client session pack use. But if you’re not an Excel expert, chances are your spreadsheets won’t work as hard as they could.

One thing you definitely don’t want to be doing is use pen and paper (or the back of your appointments diary) to track this stuff. It’s way too important.

That’s why our Excel wizard has put together this free spreadsheet for you to use.

But there’s actually a better way.

Using a purpose-built software platform to track session pack usage won’t just make life much easier, it will keep the data safe and link it all to other important business functions. Like financial management, P&L info, client admin and more.

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