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Excel Template For Tracking Client Class Pass Usage

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A big part of selling class passes is tracking how many classes people have attended.

Track your class attendees with this free excel template for tracking fitness class pass usage.

If you’re a personal trainer or fitness studio owner who offers group exercise classes, you’ll know all about class passes. Class passes are a useful way to sell blocks of classes, freeing up admin time for you and making life easier for the client.

But it’s not as easy as selling the pass and forgetting about it. A big part of managing class passes is tracking how many classes people have used. After all, the system quickly becomes a drain on your profits if people take the mickey.

Why should you track fitness client class pass use?

Gone are the days of physical booklets of passes that people would hand over to instructor or coach as they walk through the studio doors. These days, you probably sell class passes as an option on your website or app. So you need a digital system to track how many classes the client bought, how many they’ve used, and how many they have left.

There are so many advantages to tracking client class pass use. We know it takes around 7 x more budget, time, and effort to find and onboard a new client than it does to nurture and retain an existing one. Every client you have on a class pass is reliable income, and a potential source of referrals.

And by tracking how many classes they’ve used, you can be ready to sell them their next class pass package – or perhaps upsell them to another offer – before they have time to think about leaving!

Using spreadsheets to track fitness client class pass use.

We’ve designed a simple, done-for-you template to track client class pass usage. By tracking class pass use this way, you can keep on top of customer service, repeat sales, and retention. You might even like to celebrate a client’s 20th, 50th, or 100th class with you!

Download our ready-made spreadsheet here and start using it for your PT business, gym, or fitness studio.

How does this class pass template work?

Download our free template and you’ll see we’ve included everything you need to track client class pass usage. Our spreadsheet template allows you to add name of client, name of pass package, the date it was purchased and the date it expires (we highly recommend you don’t have an open-ended time limit on class passes).

There’s also space for the number of credits or passes included in their package, the number they’ve used, and the number remaining. You can also add the class pass price, how much they paid, and any balance outstanding.

Try it for yourself here.

Three big benefits to tracking client class pass use

  1. Safeguard your profits by making sure clients never over-use their allocation of classes
  2. Market more efficiently by knowing when each client is coming towards the end of their current class package
  3. Surprise clients with recognition of key milestones like 100th class or first birthday of coming to class

What’s the best way to track client class pass usage?

Using a spreadsheet like this free download is definitely better than a tatty old notepad (or trying to remember every client’s stats!) But there’s an even better way to track client class pass use.

Future-proof your fitness business by using a software platform that does everything you need in one place – including tracking all your client activity across PT and class formats.

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Striive software is dedicated to helping you grow and run your fitness and wellbeing business. It’s simple to use and does all of the client management, admin, and financial tasks a modern fitness business needs. This includes automating all your your class pass sales, restrictions and expiries.

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