Excel Template For Tracking Your Annual Business Expenses

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Save yourself from a world of tax return pain by tracking your expenses throughout the year.

Do you live in fear of your accountant asking for all your receipts? Is there a draw at home stuffed with papers you're destined to sort through?

When running your fitness business you will inevitably need make some purchases. From buying new equipment, to going on a training course, these costs are all deductible from your income before paying tax. But keeping records of these things during the year can get overlooked. To help, we've created a simple expenses spreadsheet designed to help you track your spending in one convenient place.

Why use it?

As you get busier you'll benefit from having a reliable place to quickly and easily note down your costs. If you don't keep a record throughout the year you'll be setting yourself up for a painful time when preparing your tax return.

What data does our template help you store?

Our expenses tracker is designed to let you record up to 20 expenses each month over the course of a calendar year:

  • Record the date, description, payment method, and value of each eligible purchase you make
  • Input your income for each month to have your monthly and annual NET profit calculated for you

Limitations of using a template

Using a template is great if your business activity is reasonably low. It relies on you manually inputting each figure and keeping the template file safely stored. When work becomes busier you will probably want to switch to a more robust solution such as an accountancy tool or dedicated fitness business platform such as Striive.

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