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Features of the Striive dashboardFeatures of the Striive dashboard
Great for signing up my new clients and keeping track of everyone's class passes.
Susanna - Yoga Teacher
Yoga Teacher, Cambridge
Easy to use and does everything I need. I couldn't be without this software now.
Alex - PT & Yoga Teacher
PT & Yoga Teacher, Boston

Supports your different work types

Class enrolments


Organise and display a class schedule, sell passes and manage your client enrolments.



Create regular income by offering memberships that include access to your services.

Client sessions

Private Sessions

Organise private and small group sessions, tracking client progress, payments and attendance.

Employed work

Employed Work

Plan all your teaching commitments, confirm your fees and invoice employers.

Simple client sign-ups

Gather the information you need from new clients remotely or in-person, ready for review, including:

Training intentions
Their motivations for starting yoga with you.
Digital agreement signing
Digital agreement signing, tracking, and storage.
Integrated PAR-Q
An integrated PAR-Q with all answers stored.
Client sign ups
Striive Portal

Striive Portal included

Easily create a private area for your existing website where clients can log in, buy passes, enrol onto classes and more. It takes minutes to set up and saves you hours.

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Class enrolments, passes and memberships

Run classes the way you want to:

Easily track pack time
Clients can pay as they go, enrolling online and paying the single class fee.
Take pack payment
Sell class passes with access restrictions and usage limits.
Take pack payment
Offer recurring payment memberships for clients to subscribe to.
Enrolments, passes and subscriptions
Striive Payments makes getting paid simple

Take payments easily

Give your clients the convenience of making online card payments whenever they want. Everything is sync'd up perfectly, removing the need to check your bank.

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Client notifications

Streamline your scheduling and client management with automated email and SMS alerts:

Session cancellations and rescheduling
Sent to clients automatically when classes are cancelled or rescheduled.
Consultation and session reminders
Choose to send clients a reminder before each class starts with the access details.
Automatic client notifications
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