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Everything you need to provide a professional service to your clients. Flexible when you're selling, organised when you deliver.

Sell and organise sessions

Create session packs

Bespoke session packs

Allocate time to clients in packs. Call them anything and charge whatever you want.
Sell session packages

Sell packages

Create session packages for clients to buy via your portal using Striive Payments.
Group sessions

Group sessions

Maximise your income by seeing multiple clients together whilst tracking them individually.
Session requests

Session requests

Clients can search for gaps in your schedule and make session requests for their unused time.
Sell and organise sessions
Streamline session delivery

Streamline session delivery

Digital agreement signing

Multi-location support

Organise client sessions in any number of places, from the park or gym, to each client's home.
Time tracking

Time tracking

Each pack's time, sessions, and payments are tracked for you so you can focus on work.
Zoom integration

Zoom integration

Switch a session to online and have our Zoom integration create and share the meeting details automatically.
Class plans and notes

Session plans and notes

Plan sessions in advance with the details waiting for you on the day. Make notes after to refer back to later.
PT Plus
Striive gives me the chance to allocate packages with schedulable hours. This way you always know how many sessions a client has left without having to look through previous bookings.
Ryan H.
Ryan H.
PT Plus, UK

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Group classes?

If you teach classes to bigger groups, you can manage these with Striive too!

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Group classes
Surprisingly easy to implement. I was able to customise functions making it simple for my clients to use.
Helen - PT & Fitness Instructor
Helen D.
PT & Instructor, Winchester
Everything is streamlined and optimised to keep my focus on the essential things, my clients.
Stefan F.
Stefan L.
Fitness Coach, Bern

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