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Simple client sign-ups

Gather the information you need from new clients remotely or in-person, ready for review, including:

Training intentions
Training intentions (their motivation for starting activity).
Digital agreement signing
Digital agreement signing, tracking, and storage.
Integrated PAR-Q
An integrated PAR-Q with all answers stored.
Client sign ups
Striive Portal

Striive Portal included

Easily create a private area on your existing website where clients can log in, buy packages, make session requests and more. It takes minutes to set up and saves you hours.

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Sell bespoke or templated session plans

Easily track pack time
Easily track a pack's time as you plan and deliver your client sessions.
Take pack payment
Take pack payment from your clients up front, in stages, or per session.
Striive Payments makes getting paid simple

Client notifications

Streamline your scheduling and client management with automated email and SMS alerts:

Session cancellations and rescheduling
Sent to clients automatically when sessions are cancelled or rescheduled.
Consultation and session reminders
Choose to send certain clients a reminder before each consultation or session.
Single click schedules and statements
Send schedules and statements with a single click.
Automatic client notifications
Striive Payments makes getting paid simple

Take payments easily

Give your clients the convenience of making online card payments whenever they want. Everything is sync'd up perfectly, removing the need to check your bank.

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Boost engagement with our exclusive Partner offers

Activate offers from our brand partners. Your clients will love getting discounts when they make purchases.

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Recent system updates

Wednesday, November 15, 2023

Team management, design, activity feeds

Today marks the release of some major updates across all areas of the Striive platform. This is by far the single biggest update we've ever done (yes, we've said this before, but this time we really mean it). So what's included...

Team management

At the heart of these updates is the introduction of our team management features. Instead of Striive accounts only being for solo or freelance pros, you can now run a team from your account. You will notice that you are now the owner of your business (we call it an 'organisation'). Simply invite more people to join your team and once they've created an account you'll be able to assign packages, session packs, and classes to them to teach. You can move people between sessions and class dates if needed and use our cover feature if people will be absent. Each team member has their own access to Striive where they can see the events assigned to them, mark attendances, and pick events available to them from your cover list. They can also manage their own calendar, adding in holidays and appointments so you know when they are available.

Multiple organisations

If you run multiple businesses you can create additional organisations inside your Striive account. And it's possible to teach for multiple different businesses using just one login.

You can expect a lot of additional updates to our team features over the coming months.

A new design

Building the team features above pushed our previous design to breaking point. We'd been contemplating a design refresh for a while but it rapidly became a necessity. So say hello to the new side nav (for those of you on a computer). We've also improved the navigation system and freshened up all the other screens to match. But we didn't leave the client area out. That's also received a raft of updates to make it easier to use.

Activity feed

Have you ever wondered if anything was going on with your clients from day to day? There was limited visibility of client actions and you'd be forgiven for forgetting if you sent that PAR-Q to a client. Well wonder no more. The new activity feed tracks 28 different actions across the system, so whether it's sending a new client invite, or a client purchasing a new class pass, you'll be able to see things happening in real time from your dashboard.

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Thursday, November 10, 2022

Changes to plans and pricing

This week we have released some changes to the way our paid plans work.

What has changed?

We will no longer be limiting access to functionality based upon your plan. This means the previous SESSIONS and CLASSES plans have now been discontinued. All plans now have access to all of our features. This ensures no-one is discouraged from starting their first class, or taking on their first private client just because they are subscribed to the wrong plan. This change also allows us to focus more on improving Striive for everyone at the same time.

Instead of Striive plans being anchored around your method of delivery, we have created new plans based upon the number of active clients in your account. This means we can ensure Striive is good value for all users of any business size.

Why the changes?

There were two main reasons why these changes were necessary.

Firstly, the range of businesses signing up to use Striive has changed during 2022. Our original post-lockdown goal of supporting solo freelancers and the self-employed has been accompanied by many larger, more established gyms and studios signing up and adopting our platform. These larger brands have different requirements and meeting their expectations requires a different approach from us.

Continuing to develop the Striive platform in line with the expectations of a broader audience required us to re-evaluate our pricing strategy. Simply put, pricing intended for a solo freelancer does not transfer well to the demands of an independent studio with a larger client base and multiple staff. Adjusting our plans to suit this range of applications ensures we will be a sustainable business in the future.

New pricing explained

First up, we now have plans in GBP, USD, and EUR. We are delighted these are now available as they have been requested for some time.

Our entry level plan is called Foundation and will cost £19, $29 or €24 per month for the first 6 months. This allows you to deliver unlimited sessions and classes for up to 50 clients. Foundation aims to allow fledgling businesses to experiment and grow at minimal cost. After six months the standard price of Foundation will rise to £29, $39 or €34 per month. We anticipate the Foundation plan will continue to be the plan of choice for the majority of freelance and self-employed PT's and trainers signing up to Striive, with the monthly cost for this type of user remaining the same as before, or less.

For those of you with a larger client base, adoption of our online payment, membership, and class management features is greater. We have therefore created a number of new plans to support your growth in the most economical way possible. Find out about these new plans on our pricing page here.

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