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Simple client sign-ups

Gather the information you need from new clients remotely or in-person, ready for review, including:

Training intentions
Training intentions (their motivation for starting activity).
Digital agreement signing
Digital agreement signing, tracking, and storage.
Integrated PAR-Q
An integrated PAR-Q with all answers stored.
Client sign ups
Striive Portal

Striive Portal included

Easily create a private area on your existing website where clients can log in, buy packages, make session requests and more. It takes minutes to set up and saves you hours.

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Sell bespoke or templated session plans

Easily track pack time
Easily track a pack's time as you plan and deliver your client sessions.
Take pack payment
Take pack payment from your clients up front, in stages, or per session.
Striive Payments makes getting paid simple

Client notifications

Streamline your scheduling and client management with automated email and SMS alerts:

Session cancellations and rescheduling
Sent to clients automatically when sessions are cancelled or rescheduled.
Consultation and session reminders
Choose to send certain clients a reminder before each consultation or session.
Single click schedules and statements
Send schedules and statements with a single click.
Automatic client notifications
Striive Payments makes getting paid simple

Take payments easily

Give your clients the convenience of making online card payments whenever they want. Everything is sync'd up perfectly, removing the need to check your bank.

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Supplement your income with our Partner offers

Activate offers that will interest your clients and when they make purchases you'll earn yourself commissions.

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How (and why) you should let a bad client go

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Recent system updates

Monday, August 8, 2022

Manual membership enrolment and schedule limits

Today we've released a few enhancements to classes.

Manual membership enrolments

You can now enrol a client onto a class yourself if they are a membership subscriber. Until now subscribed clients could only enrol themselves via your portal. Now you can enrol them yourself whether they are a class pass holder, subscriber, or you are processing a single enrolment. All bases covered!

Single enrolment is now 'Pay As You Go'

To simplify our terminology we've stopped using the term 'single enrolment' in favour of 'Pay As You Go'. So now, when creating classes and enrolling clients, look out for this wording change. It simply describes clients paying for one class date at a time.

Class schedule/enrolment limit

We've added a new class display setting which lets you choose how far in advance clients can see (and enrol onto) your future classes. We've defaulted the setting to 4 weeks. If that doesn't work for you just pop over to 'Brand & Portal' in the account menu, scroll down to the bottom, and change it.

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Thursday, July 21, 2022

Client birthdays and anniversaries

Today's update makes it easy for you to give clients that extra personal touch. Striive will now tell you when each of your clients has a birthday. This will appear in your calendar feed, in your daily email, and in various other places around the system (including class attendee lists).

In addition we also tell you when you and a client have an anniversary, making it easy to celebrate your relationship and reflect on their progress to date.

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