Striive vs Bookwhen

Striive As An Alternative To Bookwhen

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A comparison of Striive and Bookwhen's features to help you weigh up alternative systems for your fitness business.

Alternatives to Bookwhen – comparing Striive to Bookwhen online booking software

Shopping around for the best software platform for running your fitness or wellness business? Striive supports online and offline payments, plus it records your P&L data making business accounting easy! Striive is packed with functions you and your clients will love – and you get full access at every user level.

Compare Striive to Bookwhen for your fitness business

Striive vs Bookwhen for your business accounts

Striive saves you time and effort with business accounting – even when it comes to doing your tax return. Striive supports online and offline client payments, and records your P&L data. You can view it within your Striive account, or export it as a report (your accountant will love that!)

Bookwhen supports online and offline payments, but it won’t store P&L data and doesn’t let you run financial reports.

Striive vs Bookwhen for your fitness clients

Striive collects client data like their goals, contraindications to exercise, and emergency contact details making life much easier for you and the client.

Bookwhen only collects email, phone number and client name.

Striive vs Bookwhen for selling 1-to-1 sessions

When you have a Striive account, your end users have access to a client area (and individual client profiles) where they can check their bookings, messages, notifications and even request private sessions.

Bookwhen doesn’t support private sessions, so if you want to offer 1-on-1 sessions you’ll have to create a one-person class and offer it to the client which is a manual – and clunky – solution.

Striive vs Bookwhen for managing renewable subscriptions

Striive allows you to create renewing subscriptions and offer the option to clients very easily.

Bookwhen offers credit-based passes.

How does Striive’s pricing compare to Bookwhen?

As you can see, there’s a big difference in functionality between Striive and Bookwhen, so a price comparison doesn’t tell the whole story. We don’t believe in offering false economy when it comes to running your business. You get full functionality and access to every Striive feature at all levels of Striive membership. Striive starts at £19 per month - just £10 more than Bookwhen for a lot more functionality.

How easy is it to move over to Striive?

Whether you’re shopping around for your first business software platform, or want to make the switch from Bookwhen to Striive, we make it super easy.

You can start with a free trial which gives full access to all Striive features. If you prefer some human input, one of our team will walk you through it in real time. We’ll even set your account up for you if that’s easier.

Striive vs Bookwhen at a glance

  • Striive supports on and offline payments
  • Striive records P&L dataStriive generates financial reports
  • Bookwhen supports payments but doesn’t store financial data or generate reposts
  • Striive gives you a client area where clients can request private sessions
  • Bookwhen does not support private sessions
  • Striive allows you to create renewing subscriptions for clients
  • Bookwhen offers credit-based passes
  • Striive collects advanced client data like fitness goals and contraindications
  • Bookwhen only collects name and contact details

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Striive is packed with features to help you sell and manage classes, sessions and one-off events, look after clients, grow your business, and manage finances.

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