Make Clients Feel Special

How To Make Your Clients Feel Special

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It makes a big difference if your clients feel like they really matter. But this is particularly important for fitness professionals.

Elevate your business by adopting a truly personal approach to personal training.

When you run any kind of business, it makes a big difference if your clients feel like they really matter. But this is particularly important for fitness professionals. The fitness industry is busy, and making your client feel special will boost retention and referrals. And don’t forget, you’re selling a relationship. Here’s how to strengthen that coaching bond so your clients become your best sales force.

The difference between selling products and services

Personal training, fitness coaching, nutrition coaching, and even gym ownership are examples of service-based businesses. As a fitness professional, you’re not selling a tangible product which people can hold in their hands. You are selling a goal, an experience, and a relationship – with you, their coach.

Your clients also want support, accountability, motivation and an expert they can trust.

Your clients will go home with nothing to see or hold, and so it’s even more important that you pay attention to the client experience. This means thinking about every touchpoint from awareness and enquiry to sign up and coaching.

Why personal training needs to be personal

Fitness professionals should make every client feel special, even in a group exercise class or large online coaching situation. But when your client is receiving 1-2-1 personal training, the personal touch is imperative.

Never underestimate what fitness and nutrition coaching means to a client’s goals, values, and personal beliefs.

Your client may believe that they could do it themselves with a macro calculator and free workouts from an Instagram influencer. It could have taken an immense amount of bravery to finally sign up to a fitness programme.

What a fitness client wants and needs

It goes without saying that you should deliver programming, feedback, face to face sessions, and whatever other features your service offers. However, your client also wants support, accountability, motivation and an expert they can trust. Clients are more likely to stay with a coach they like, trust, and feel valued by.

The human side of selling and retention

Get to know your clients

This means really listening so they feel heard and understood as a person, not just a coaching client.

Be professional

Never be late, always be fully prepared for sessions, and deliver any follow up or feedback as promised.

Keep your energy up

In-person coaching can be draining, but your final client of the day needs to receive the same vibe as your mid-morning lot.

Create a personalised experience

This goes beyond designed bespoke programmes, it’s about making each client feel like they are more than a number.

Consider social events

If your service involves 1-2-1, small group, or retreats, think about hosting get-togethers where clients can meet like-minded people.

Remember key events

Put client birthdays in your calendar and recognise the date with something appropriate to their goals.

Engage with them outside of sessions

You appreciate it when clients engage with your online content, so do the same with them on social media.

Reward milestones

Help your client celebrate mini-goals along the way, this will increase motivation as well as helping them feel seen.

Acknowledge longevity

Keep a record of sign up dates, session numbers and other significant metrics so you can celebrate the coaching relationship.

Reflect back to them

It sounds obvious, but be sure to reflect and celebrate client progress, it will mean a lot coming from you.

Promote them publicly

Ask clients if they would be happy to feature on your social media or website, this would be really rewarding for many people.

Reward loyalty and referrals

Have a referral scheme and consider giving small gifts for the duration of the relationship - retention is better business than new sales.

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