Make A Great First Impression

How To Make A Great First Impression

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That first impression could make the difference between signing up a client and seeing them go to someone else.

Are you making a powerful first impression with clients and prospects? Master the skills that will make you stand out from the rest.

First impressions count – with clients, employees, and facility owners. But fitness professionals often aren’t taught how to create and uphold a professional image. That first impression could make the difference between signing up a client and seeing them go to someone else. Let’s talk about the art of the great first impression.

5 reasons to care about first impressions

A good first impression is vitally important at key stages of your business, from your first day at a new facility, to going freelance, or even going into business with another fitness professional.

1. It gives new clients more confidence

If you’re confident, they will feel reassured that their decision (to start a fitness journey, and to invest in you) was the right one

2. It may lead to word-of-mouth referrals

You never know where that first conversation will lead. Carrying yourself professionally will pay off in the long run too.

3. It can justify increasing your fees

People pay for more than your products and services. They are also paying for your professionalism, confidence, and how safe they feel in your hands.

4. It gets you on the radar of other professionals

First impressions also count for business partners, facility owners, gym managers, and anyone who will play a part in your career story

5. It helps you stand out online and offline

Fitness is a busy space, and first impressions are a great way to differentiate yourself and stay memorable in face-to-face and digital interactions

Want to review your onboarding process? We have free, downloadable and practical guides to support you. See Client Onboarding Essentials here.

How to create a powerful first impression

Be professional

This means simple stuff like not eating on the gym floor, and staying off your phone. Conduct yourself like the professional you aim to be.

Strike up conversations

Don’t wait for people to come to you (they may well be shy or intimidated). Be friendly, make eye contact, smile, and offer small interactions which can turn into conversations when the time is right.

Have a smooth onboarding experience

You’d be surprised by the number of fitness professionals who don’t have an onboarding journey, taking clients from enquiry to sign up and beyond. Use automation and systems to make yours simple.

Get a proper email address

Keep the gmail or hotmail account for personal use. Get your own domain and associated email address – instant credibility.

Pay attention to details

Make sure your appearance, your clothing, and any branded merch is on point. This will give you the edge over other fitness professionals.

Be seen to help people – and not just paying clients

Become someone who is known as friendly, approachable, and helpful. You can be sure this kind of reputation will spread.

Brand your client facing materials

Make sure every touchpoint your clients have is branded, from your social media, to your emails, to physical assets you hand out. It doesn’t have to be fancy: brand colours and a logomark will do.

Be prepared

Have your business card, branded water bottle, or client information on you at all times. It’s slick, friendly, and professional.

Make it easy for clients

Once someone’s signed up with you, make it easy for them to access their programmes, feedback, check ins, activity tracker and other data. This can make or break a client relationship (and referrals).

Your current members can also help to make a great first impression on a new client, by welcoming them into an established and encouraging community. Not sure how to make that happen? Take a look at our blog How To Make Your Fitness Community A Brand USP.

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Striive makes you look good

A raft of included features that help you look professional:

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  • Convenience features such as online payments and session requesting
  • Automatic appointment alerts and reminders

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