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8 Ways To Attract Local Clients To Your Fitness Facility

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However loyal your existing membership might be, it doesn’t pay to get complacent.

Try these fresh ways to maintain new enquiries for your local fitness services.

In-person fitness business owners have to wear a lot of hats. There’s a constant list of things to be done – marketing, programming, social media, finances… One of the most pressing challenges is keeping enquiries coming through the door.

As a local fitness facility owner or in-person PT, you need to get clear on who your audience is.

However loyal your existing membership might be, it doesn’t pay to get complacent. You need a steady stream of leads signing up to your taster sessions, open days, or new member offers.

Let’s look at 8 methods you might not have tried yet.

Marketing to local vs online fitness clients

It’s pretty obvious that in-person (whether that’s PT, bootcamps, or bricks & mortar facilities) need a different approach to marketing than the online or hybrid guys. Your demographic might not be niche, but your location is. Even if you cater for people of all ages and fitness backgrounds, they all need to be in the local area.

In some ways this makes marketing more of a challenge (where are these people and how can you get your message in front of them?) But we think it actually makes things easier. You’re not limited to ad spend or online campaigns – you can actually get out there and find people.

How can fitness facilities attract local clients

As a local fitness facility owner or in-person PT, you need to get clear on who your audience is. Don’t just think about the stats (age, income bracket etc) but consider their motivation and drivers. What do your clients and members want to achieve, why would they take out a membership with you, what do they need (and not need) from a local fitness service?

Have you thought of using community as a lead generator (and pretty effective converter!)? If not, check out out blog How To Make Your Fitness Community A Brand USP.

Marketing strategies to attract local clients

1. Word of mouth referrals

Your existing members are your best advocates. They’re your walking, talking adverts, so treat them well! Do everything you can to ensure members and clients say great stuff about you when you’re not around. Consider creating a referral strategy – and make sure every single member knows about it.

2. Online groups

Your town has at least one Facebook group, so make sure you’re on it. Keep an eye out for people asking about gyms, bootcamps, yoga studios (or whatever it is you do). Post warm, welcoming (but never pushy) replies and make sure you give them all the information they need, including a link to your page.

3. Local events

You’re part of the local community, so get involved. Consider taking a stall at local events (buddy up with a relevant partner company if necessary). Attend events as a customer and talk to people. Don’t be shy about telling people what you do and inviting them along.

4. Partnerships and collaborations

Other fitness and wellness professionals are a great resource. Think about creating referral strategies with relevant experts like physios or nutritionists, and consider buddying up to offer hybrid local services. If your facility has spare rooms, rent them out to sports therapists who will naturally increase the footfall into your building.

5. Clear signage

Don’t underestimate the power of walk-ins! Make sure everyone knows where you are and what you do. A small sign on the side of your building isn’t much use if you’re stuck at the end of a trading estate. New people will be moving into your area every day – make sure they know you’re there.

6. Open days and taster sessions

Run regular taster sessions, open days, and bring a friend sessions that will keep a steady stream of fresh faces coming through the door. Keep good records of who turns up, and follow up with them.

7. Workshops and seminars

Position yourself as a local expert by branching out from your core services to offer workshops on weight loss, healthy eating, or whatever would work for your prospective clients. You could do these online or in your facility (the benefit of the latter option is getting people through the door and allowing them to see the space).

8. Local organisations

Can you offer taster sessions or workshops to a local college? Or go in to large local corporates to give useful talks about lunchtime activity or healthy eating? Think outside the box to find local people – how can you reach them throughout the week (not just when they are actively looking for a place to train)?

A clear and attractive website isn't a silver bullet, but will certainly help your credibility in your clients eyes and give potential clients a chance to learn about you and your services. Have a read of our blog Drive More Traffic To Your PT Website.

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