Income Streams To Boost Profits

7 Income Streams That Will Boost Your Profits (Without Burning You Out)

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There are plenty of new and novel ways to add income streams, from passive income to one-off events.

There are lots of reasons to choose a career in fitness, from flexible hours to untapped income potential.

Fitness trainers aren’t limited to swapping time for money. There are plenty of new and novel ways to add income streams, from passive income to one-off events. Have you considered these different ways to earn more money?

1. Small group training

Why train 1 client when you could train 2 or 4? Small group training is a great way to train more people without taking more time out of your business diary. And small group has benefits for the clients, too. Lots of people prefer the social support of training with others (especially if they’re friends or family members).

What can you earn? Small group doesn’t mean multiplying your regular PT prices, but you can still earn more than 1-2-1 whilst offering the attendees a discount.

2. Branded merchandise

Loyal PT clients or bootcamp attendees will be proud to rep your brand. Consider offering branded merch like t-shirts, vests, hoodies and water bottles. Your Striive profile makes it easy to set up a mini web store for merch, eBooks and other items.

What can you earn? Look online or use your local networking contacts to find a branded merch company. You’ll pay less per unit the more that you order.

3. Fitness events or retreats

Are you a whizz at organising fun, engaging events people will flock to? Combine your fitness and social skills to offer events, excursions, or even retreats to clients and their friends.

What can you earn? Outgoings will vary depending on hire and travel costs, but there are decent markups to be made (and events are amazing marketing tools).

4. Recipe packs

Personal Training clients will always need extra resources around cooking, eating out, and healthy lifestyle habits. Consider creating recipe books or eBooks which answer their biggest challenges.

What can you earn? eBooks and recipe packs are pretty quick to create (you can always outsource the design). You can sell them as bundles, one-offs, or regular add-on subscriptions.

5. Affiliate deals

Leverage your position as a PT or fitness coach to arrange affiliate deals with relevant brands. Make sure you choose to partner with brands and products that reflect your values and give genuine value to your clients. Supplements, apparel, health foods and physical therapists are popular ideas for affiliate deals.

What can you earn? Affiliate deals are unlikely to earn you mega bucks, but this is an example of passive income that can tick along in the background and pull in extra money.

6. Corporate workshops

Corporate wellness is big news in the business world, and HR departments know they need to take action to promote employee wellbeing. Reach out to local companies to offer your services as a local fitness or nutrition expert. Research their company, find some stats about employee wellbeing, and propose a few topics that would add value for them.

What can you earn? The potential is there to charge decent money for preparing and delivering a corporate workshop – and you can pitch it as a series of events or offer follow-up sessions.

7. Online webinars

If you have a decent client base or active online following, you could run a series of short online webinars for a small fee. Webinars are a fantastic way to get people on your email list, demonstrate your expertise, get to know a new audience, and pitch your high-value services.

What can you earn? Earning potential for webinars is only limited by the number of people who sign up. And once you’ve designed one webinar, you have a solid blueprint for creating and marketing dozens more.

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Add income streams with Striive

  • Train clients in groups to increase your hourly income
  • Activate our partner offers to earn commissions on your client purchases
  • Start an online store selling branded products and downloadable content
  • Create challenges for your clients to participate in with entry fees
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