Your self-service client portal

Every Striive account includes an area where your clients can log in, manage their own schedule, and make payments.

Example of a custom branded client portal

Set up in minutes

Reserve your Striive domain

Customise with your branding and colours

Invite clients to create a portal password

Now they manage themselves!

Why self-manage?

Spend less time doing client admin

Receive session requests for your free time

Clients enrol themselves onto your classes

Clients update their own information

Extend your website

Put a log in button on your existing website to instantly create a private clients area. Or just use the portal on its own.

Create a private clients area
Customise your portal's look

Customise the look

Change the colour to match your brand, add a logo or picture and all your social media and contact details.

Sell packages

Promote packages on your portal and clients can buy them instantly using Striive Payments.

Sell your packages
List your classes

List your classes

Clients can see all your upcoming classes and manage their own single or class pass enrolments.

Organised clients

Every client can see all their planned and previous activity, from class pass usage to unplanned session time.

Organised clients
Session requests

Session requests

Clients can search for gaps in your schedule and make requests for sessions using their unplanned time.


Striive automatically enforces your cancellation policy so you don't have to. No more awkward conversations!

Client cancellations

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