12 Days

12 Days Of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas

The Striive 12 Days of Christmas online competition starts on Saturday 2nd December.that pay you commissions!

12 days. 12 workouts. 12 prizes!that pay you commissions!


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When it comes to quality, Solgar® is The Gold Standard. The result of over 70 years of commitment to quality, health and well-being.

With more than 300 products that bear the hallmark of the gold label, distributed in over 60 countries across the globe, Solgar® is trusted by millions of consumers worldwide.

Client discount: 15%
Your commission: 10%

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Continuously striving to deliver the gold standard

  • Science backed formulas
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients
  • Solgar® is a certified Carbon Neutral® company
  • Small batch, in-house manufacturing
  • 100% recyclable amber glass bottles

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Committed to creating the highest quality CBD powered, food supplements and skincare products.

CBPLUS is designed by fully qualified UK professionals to offer a range of products that meet your everyday needs, from body wash, sun protection and skin rescue to  hand protection, CBD Oil and deep massage oil.

Client discount: 25%
Your commission: 20%

CB-PLUS products
HALO Hydration powder sticks

All CBPLUS formulations are 100% legal and contain nil (zero) THC. We have full supply chain traceability and independent analysis of all our ingredients.

Also fully compliant with all relevant UK, EU and US standards and regulations.

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Prizes from top brands

How does it work?

Throughout December, we’ll release 12 workouts on our socials. Each workout has a prize (one of them is actually for two).

Find us and follow us using the links below:

What are the prizes?

That would be telling! But we have given you some hints above.

Some are for you (like apparel vouchers, premium supplements, and boutique class packs). Some are for your business (like online advertising audits, and copywriting support). And one is for you and a friend (pairs entry to an epic fitness event).

Where will the workouts be released?

The workouts will be released on our socials. The first one comes this weekend (Saturday 2nd December). Then every two days until the 24th.

They’ll stay up – you have until the 31st December to do them.

Can I enter?

Yes! If you have a Fitness or Health & Wellness qualification you can, and should, enter!

For pairs workouts only one athlete in the pair is required to hold a qualification.

How do I enter?

If you see a workout you fancy, record it and post it on your socials with Striive tagged. You don’t have to do the workout that day, or in any order. 31st December is the final deadline. You can enter (and win!) more than one.

We’ll announce the winners and send the prizes in January. We might even give your business a shout-out, too.

How do I know what I've earned?

Each month a confirmation of the commissions you have earned from each partner during the previous month will be displayed within your Striive account.

How are commissions tracked?

To be successfully tracked, client purchases must be made after visiting a partner website using a referral link or code provided to by Striive.

How are my commissions paid?

Commissions are transferred directly into your Striive Payments account. These funds become available to you immediately for payout to your nominated bank account.

When do I know what I've earned?

The exact date each month that your confirmed partner commissions will display in your Striive account will vary from partner to partner.

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